The Body Of Christ!

If more people would listen to the holy Spirit more than they do other people. Christians just might unite as one body. The Body of Christ is never divided. But it seems that somehow religion divides us by its different teachings. Now this is something i never understood. They all claim to be a part … Continue reading The Body Of Christ!


Read Your Bibles!!!!!!

I hear to many telling others to disregard The Old Testament as if God had men write it for not. The Entire Bible and everything within it from beginning to end is very important. Anything God has to say will always be of utmost importance. Anyone who tells you otherwise will suffer Gods wrath. I … Continue reading Read Your Bibles!!!!!!

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Guess who is Sicker? — INFO JONES

Human greed knows no boundaries, and this is evidence of how bad the situation has become, that even children are being targeted now. Governments and health agencies sell vaccines and promote their use. Without even knowing the long-term effects of them. These figures that are established by multiple research studies tells it all. READ MORE: […] … Continue reading Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Guess who is Sicker? — INFO JONES

Is The Life Of Christ Easy ?

The Christian work is not an easy work. Its hard because you know that people close to you may end up in hell and the sad thing is there is only so much we as humans can do to help people to the right road. Some believe the road to righteousness's is an easy path. Ill … Continue reading Is The Life Of Christ Easy ?

In the World and of The World ?

You cant have the best of both worlds you are either on Gods side or Satan's side. If you partake in the things of the world such as holidays that have origins of paganism then surely you might as well be pagan yourself. The pagans have a point when they accuse you, The Christian in … Continue reading In the World and of The World ?

The end of all things is near

Check out the following Scriptures. These to me tell of the times we are in now. Do they tell you the same as they tell me? Are your eyes open to see whats to come? Check off these Scriptures and make your decision. Ive already made mine. The end of all things is near. Therefore … Continue reading The end of all things is near

The biggest risk I ever took and what I Learned

To be quite truthful my whole life was risk taking and ive learned many lessons from them. But i was 14 when i took off from my family and started out hitch hiking across country. My parents didn't like the decisions i was making for my life and they threw me out in the streets. At first … Continue reading The biggest risk I ever took and what I Learned

Who Is Your Teacher?


To anyone who adheres to Sola Scriptura, they have gotten it right. Jesus typified this for us when He repeatedly said, “It is written” to thwart the adversary in the wilderness. The Bible is the sole authority when it comes to Christian doctrine. However, the works of the framers of this concept usurp the very concept they promote with people depending on their works and would rather forward their teachings rather than “Sola Scriptura.” How ironic is that? Their followers have converted their works to be the lens by which to understand Scripture instead of asking the Holy Spirit for guidance.

“Neither be called instructors, for you have one instructor, the Christ.”

Matthew 23:10 ESV

Jesus taught two disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24-13-35) firsthand. He is our only teacher and He continues to teach us through the Holy Spirit He imparted to the apostles and…

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Follower or Unfollower

A Passion for Christ

In this present world in which we live, social media seems to be the order of the day. Facebook pages are gauged by the amount of likes, Twitter & Instagram are about followers and who you are following.

We tend to follow people who are friends, associates, business partners or sometimes just because we take an interest in the content they post. The same goes for people who follow us.

It is worth saying that there is a dilemma in all of this. There are situations where you maybe following a person in hopes that they follow you back, but sometimes they never do. Truth be told, most Instagram and Twitter accounts have more followers than following, of course with a few exceptions.

The difference between the two categories is a term called ‘Unfollower.’ An ‘unfollower’ is someone who may have followed you at some point and hence, decided to stop…

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Paalak Pakora (Onion spinach pakora)

Work Eat Out

It’s raining, and when it rains all we can think of is about a cup of tea and onion pakoras. It is a very easy to make snack and goes well as a side dish with meals.

When I get into the kitchen to cook, I have to think about my toddler who also wants to eat each and everything from the table spread. So I tend to be very cautious while adding chillies or anything spicy. But one thing I love doing is mixing some healthy green veggies, so that she can enjoy both tasty and healthy food.

So presenting my version of onion spinach pakora or paalak pakora which is very kid friendly.

You will need;

2 Onions thinly sliced

Handful or more of spinach leaves chopped

1/2 cup coriander leaves

1/2 cup mint leaves

1/2 cup gram flour (Besan)

2 tsp coriander powder

1 tsp cumin powder

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