I don’t know anymore what is true or false news But I do know this. This world is coming to an abrupt end and many of you are going to go with it because you fail to see the truth. That’s a shame. The devil has done his job well by deceiving the masses. Very few know the real truth nor do they want to hear it. I’m not saying I’m a saint because I’m am not, but I am saying this If you keep following the ways of this world I will not be seeing you in heaven.I know what your thinking. Your thinking Toby is crazy and a religious fanatic and a conspiracy freak. Well think what you may but the truth is if you believe this world and its governments are of God then you’re the nut.This world is of satan the devil he runs it and most of you unknowingly follow him and do his bidding. You give allegiance to the flags that he has made as an image of himself and disguised it so you think that’s it innocent to salute it. You celebrate holidays that give service to him and we have been warning you to cease these things you are doing but you laugh and carry on with your evil ways. I will not laugh at you but however, I will cry for you but all my crying and all my praying will do you no good because The Father has sent you the delusion to believe the lie because in your hearts lyes darkness that you have chosen. You chose the lie over the truth, therefore, you are doomed to hell. Unless by some miracle you repent. Stop celebrating demonic holidays REPENT!!!! Give your life over to the Father!!!! Stop being gullible and serving your government and sending your children to be sacrificed in war!!!!! Stop giving your allegiance to flags, presidents, princes, and rulers of this world. Stop serving satan or you will spend an eternity in HELL!!!! And you women who are scamming men out of their money using your bodies to seduce them You will pay dearly for your evil deeds REPENT!!!!!!!!


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