Remaing Rightious Before Yahuah

Yahuah Is Everything

The end has already begun Its time to shape up or ship out. People are ignoring the warnings given them. As in the days of Noah. They act as if they will live forever because they call themselves Christian but hell is waiting for them. They give in to the desires of the world instead of The desires of Yahuah. Fleshly desires and pagan practices.They dress up like witches and demons and with their mouths profess a godly devotion but with their hearts, they serve the devil. The time has come to decide if you will serve Yahuah or Satan. Yahusha did not lay down His life so you could do evil things and believe you will go to heaven.He did so that you may have an everlasting life but you must die of the old and be reborn in the spirit. That means giving up the ways of this…

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